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Targeting mobile and tablet users is essential for any online campaign, application or website. It is important that your offering is consistent across platforms, while also configuring for the many screen sizes available today.

In most cases, rather than building a separate version of your site for mobile users, it is more effective to create a responsive layout for your design. Through the use of media queries we can change the layout of the website according to the screen size, platform and orientation of the device viewing it. It can also be necessary to change the structure of content ensuring that you offer a unique experience tailored for each device.

We take a ‘mobile first’ approach to website and web app development - creating a basic version for mobile which is optimised for low bandwidth and device performance, this is then enhanced for larger devices and desktops. For high pixel density devices we ensure that images are optimised to look crisp using server side components to serve the right files for the users device.

All of this prevents the need to maintain costly self-contained mobile versions of sites and future proofs your product for any new devices which may be coming to market.

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