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A shared journey

A rapidly expanding adventure holiday company, Swoop are now the trusted authority for their unique destinations: Patagonia, Antarctica and the Arctic.

When they approached us in 2014, the company wanted to improve their customer base, increase profitability and develop an effective sales platform to drive their business – while maintaining the personable, expert service that they are known for.

Software Development is at the heart of Swoop’s effectiveness and efficiency. Our key partnership with Ember has enabled that. Our digital platform and tooling is entirely bespoke and rapidly changing to meet our demands and ambitions. Ember continues to react and respond regardless of complexity. Ember strives for high-quality service delivery on every project and continues to adapt to our ever-evolving ways of working. Ember is very integrated with Swoop and has been for years, they truly understood our business.

James O'Halloran, Chief Technology Officer, Swoop Travel

Intuitive and adaptive CRM

Using Agile software development methods, we produced an enterprise level business application, extensible with company growth. The custom built CRM effectively facilitates all stages of the booking workflow, from enquiry to post-sale, providing reporting and insight used to inform strategic business direction.

Screen showing custom CRM messaging system

Customer relationship

The conversation starts immediately after enquiry. Using referral and interaction insight, members of the sales team impart expert knowledge to inspire and develop leads via the purpose-built messaging system and automated communication channels.

Screen showing custom CRM enquiry journey

Sales journey

Each enquiry progresses through the CRM sales workflow. Booking Status, tagging and priority ratings, inform operations and trigger automated actions.

Screen showing custom CRM booking system

Bookings system

The bookings system manages line item, partner, currency and financial data. Creating online payment links and balance invoicing.

Screen showing custom CRM satisfaction survey

NPS and customer satisfaction

Swoop's success is built on their reputation so NPS is a vital metric. A purpose built system of tailored questionnaires allow Swoop to gain valuable insight into their customers' experiences and help convert travelers into influencers.

Our partnership with Swoop has been extremely rewarding and has challenged Ember to produce some stunning innovations across the business. We’re certainly proud of the breadth of projects the relationship has delivered and we love to see our client’s success.

Robert Watson, Managing Director, Ember

Product Features

Take a closer look at the bespoke system we created for this pioneering travel company.

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Dynamic website presentation and a powerful CMS maximise the connection between customer and brand, providing a high-quality experience at a vital stage of the sales funnel. Attractive and authoritative content, carefully planned user flows and intuitive signposting deliver awareness and inspiration, leading to frictionless conversion.

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Customer relationship

A powerful custom CRM has been developed to drive sales growth, streamlining interaction with potential and existing customers, whilst internal departments benefit from operational collaboration. Purpose built to process tailor-made itineraries and complex group booking data, the platform creates workflow efficiencies and compiles data to inform business strategy.

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Destination experts continue the sales conversation via a custom, multi-channel messaging platform. This forms part of a secure ‘Adventure Planner’ used to excite, inform and guide the customer through planning, booking and payment processes. Third party integrations and intelligent campaign email delivery aim to inspire and convert those still evaluating their purchase.

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After sales

Post sale, value is added by preparing customers for their trip. Ensuring essential travel arrangements and documentation are in place, whilst building anticipation through location-specific email content. Once returned, customers are invited to provide NPS and complete dynamically generated questionnaires. This provides a measure of customer satisfaction but also garners material to drive further engagement.

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All customer-facing websites along with the sales platform are continually optimised to enhance performance. Systems monitoring, ongoing A/B tests and analytical data provide important insight, which determines where improvements can be made. The messaging platform tracks user interaction such as clicks and opens, steering the sales approach, and the CRM collates company-wide data, delivering reports and KPI.

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