Is your site mobile-ready?

If not, you may soon lose Google rankings

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Website content should be optimised for a full range of devices

Google recently announced a major change to how its search engine will rank results. From April 2015 Google will now also rank results according to how ‘mobile-friendly’ the website is.

If your site isn’t currently mobile-friendly this could cause some real problems and dramatically reduce your audience.

Why is this happening?

Google regularly update their complicated search algorithms to ensure that search engine results are relevant to the user. To account for the rapidly growing number of users accessing the internet through mobile devices Google have been marking sites in the results as mobile-friendly. They are now taking this a step further, pushing mobile-friendly sites higher up in the rankings so they are more prominent.

If you are a website owner you should already know that your ranking in search engines is vital to bringing visitors and customers to your site. To stay visible and succeed in the currently competitive market having an up to date and ‘mobile-friendly’ website is vital.

What is ‘mobile-friendly’?

Viewing websites that aren’t optimised for mobiles can be difficult on small screens – text is too small to read, links hard to click and the user is required to zoom and scroll in all directions to see content.

Rather than serving a different site to mobile users, it is more cost effective to create a responsive layout that adapts and re-sizes content based on the size of the browser window, providing the best experience possible to a large range of screen sizes.

Is your site ‘mobile-friendly’?

You can get a quick answer by visiting the Google Mobile-Friendly Test page and entering your website address.

If you fail the test then you should consider having some work done to optimise your site for mobile devices. This may also be a good excuse to give your site a refresh - to update the coding to modern standards, increase image sizes for new retina screens and ensure that the site loads quickly and is easy to use on all devices.

Ember Interactive – mobile-optimised web development

From our office in Bristol we at Ember build all of our sites using a ‘mobile first’ development practice - so the code and site is optimised for low bandwidth mobile devices and then extra features added for desktop and tablet users.

Once a site is complete we use the Google webmaster tools to ensure that all aspects of the site are optimised for all devices.

Get in touch today for a free audit of your current site or see some examples of mobile responsive web development in our recent case studies.

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