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Hosting and architecture

Designing and building high-quality web-based applications is only part of the solution we offer.

Secure hosting and storage architecture also form a vital component of your web offering, and we fully understand the importance of this element.

We maintain our own fast, powerful and reliable web server which is managed by a trusted third-party supplier. As a reseller, we are able to offer different levels of hosting package appropriate to each customer’s needs.

We also have the skills in-house to advise, provision and monitor enterprise level infrastructure from third-party service suppliers such as AWS, Rackspace and other industry leading cloud technology providers to ensure your product’s continued delivery on the durable and resilient architecture that it deserves.

We ensure that all of our servers are provisioned to a high security standard and are regularly patched when required. We will work with hosting providers on your behalf to resolve support issues and ensure that any maintenance work is undertaken in such a way to result in little or no disruption to your business.

All of our client’s website files and databases are regularly backed up throughout the day and stored off-site for added peace of mind. If you need us to, we have the experience to design and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy for your application in the unlikely event of a data loss or server failure. We have faced these situations in the past and we have experience in calmly and successfully restoring our client’s files and data.

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