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We are experienced in a range of approaches when developing for mobile. For starters we always ensure our websites are responsive to different sized screens and that content is optimised for retina displays.

The next level is creating a web app for mobile devices, we have had great success using development tools such as PhoneGap to package up HTML5, CSS and Javascript into cross-platform executable applications. This is a great way to keep costs down as we essentially build one application which works across platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).

A native app has many benefits over web apps as they are able to access all the native features of the device and use their UI elements. This does come with increased development time as a separate application needs to be created for each platform. Our team have experience in creating native apps using C#, Java or Python.

In all cases it is important to understand the many UX and design considerations that are essential in creating applications for mobile and touch devices.

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