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Winner of ‘Best Auto Enrolment Innovation’ at the Workplace Savings and Benefits Awards.

Lorica Employee Benefits is one of the UK’s most experienced and well-respected employee services consultants, providing advice and support to a wide range of clients.

We built an all-in-one communication portal aimed at SMEs to help them meet pension auto-enrolment challenges within their organisation. Subscribed companies bulk register their employees via the bespoke admin interface, allowing users to access their own personal pension products securely via the built-in single sign-on (SSO) functionality.

Custom reporting

The client had a strong requirement to be able to produce detailed reports on user activity for business analysis purposes. We develped an intuitive and flexible reporting suite to meet these needs allowing them to filter reports on-screen and export data in spreadsheet form.


Working in the financial sector for this project, security was of paramount importance. The application implements a complex access control layer (ACL) which restricts access to sensitive operations based on level of user privilege and all site traffic is encrypted. Extensive penetration tests were conducted before the product was launched.


The web application follows the ‘model-view-controller’ pattern (MVC) and is built using our own customised version of a PHP framework. A lightweight object-relational mapper (ORM) was implemented in the persistence layer which eliminated the need to work directly with raw database queries.

Client testimonial

“We worked with Ember to complete a major technology build, and our expectations were truly met. After assimilating our requirements through a detailed specification documentation, Ember set about building our website. The staff were excellent and always asked questions if scope was ambiguous, and the website was built to time and budget expectations. Our internal testing proved that the Ember team did a great job on the project, as very few errors with the build were logged. With the completion of these iterations, we were really pleased with the final result.”

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